24 Hr. Pre- Approval

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Pre-Approval Benefits:

Smart Realty will assist you in locating  the right lender for  your specific needs.  Once you fill out the short informational form below we will have a lender contact you directly. We can usually get you Pre-Approved within 24hrs. or 1 business day. Depending on what time you contact us, we can often get you pre-approved that same day.

Getting pre-approved can save you countless hours and frustration by letting you know in advance which homes are within your price range, and it equips us to foresee many potential obstacles we can avoid prior to the final underwriting and closing process.

If you are pre-approved prior to making an offer on a home, it gives your offer extra consideration because the likelihood of the loan closing greatly increases. This in turn, gives you the opportunity to negotiate from a position of strength. Motivated sellers are more apt to accept your offer, be more flexible, and negotiate concessions, knowing your home mortgage financing is pre-approved.  

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